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Information for International Competitors

When classes are oversubscribed, we follow a ballot procedure as laid out in our FEI Schedule;

1. Foreign Nations are limited to four combinations in the CCI4*L and three combinations CCI4*S 8/9YO.

2. British Multiple riders are limited to two horses in the CCI4*L and one horse in the CCI4*S 8/9YO. Any riders with three or more horses entered in the CCI4*L or two or more horses entered in the CCI4*S 8/9YO, will have their additional horses placed at the end of the waitlist.

3. Horses are placed in FEI points order. FEI points are calculated manually by having a MER in a top 25% of starters based on the results from 2* through to 5* from all FEI competitions worldwide, held in the current and preceding 2 years i.e. 2017, 2018, 2019. Points are allocated per placing, dependent on the level of competition, to the top 25% of starters in that section and then any remaining, who are outside the top 25% but have obtained a qualifying result, are also awarded completion points.

4. Any additional combinations that the selectors would like to see are accepted.

5. The top 50 CCI4*L and 30 CCI4*S 8/9YO British combinations are accepted.

6. The remaining spaces are then filled with the combinations with the most FEI points.


Acceptance from the waitlist;

1. The waitlist is ordered by FEI points, with the exception of multiple riders who have exceeded the limits of two horses in the CCI4*L and one horse in the CCI4*S 8/9Y. These combinations are placed at the bottom of the waitlist.

2. Combinations are accepted from the waitlist in FEI points order, unless the withdrawal has been made by a Foreign Nation. In this case, the withdrawing combination will be replaced by someone of the same Nationality. This replacement will be made in accordance with the National Federations order of acceptance preference.


The 2019 FEI Schedule is available to download on the left-hand side of this page.

Entries Secretary: Josie Brettell - +44 (0) 78125 86988

Event Director: Mandy Hervieu -

The Horse Trials Office: +44 (0) 1993 813335



The golf buggy shuttle service runs throughout the event for Owners, Competitors, and Grooms. Thursday – Sunday the shuttle service runs to and from the Owners’, Competitors’ and Officials’ car park, Stable Manager’s office and the top of the event site. On Wednesday, a shuttle service will run from the Pleasure Gardens car park to the horse inspection.

The Voltaire Design Athletes’ Lounge offers a place to relax in the lorry park and provides tea, coffee, bar facilities, televisions, scoreboards and seating. Owners, Competitors and Grooms are all welcome to use this facility.

The Marlborough Pavilion has a private garden from which the activities in the Marlborough Arena can been seen, as well as indoor seating, bar facilities and light catering options. Owners, Competitors and Grooms of competing horses at Blenheim have complimentary access to this facility.

The Saffery Champness Owners’ Marquee is located next to the main Marlborough Arena collecting ring. It will provide a handy base for Owners and Competitors who wish to watch competition preparations and looks out onto the Palace's south lawn, through which the CCI4*L cross-country track runs.

Over the years we have worked hard to ensure that your time at Blenheim is as enjoyable as possible, so we are always looking at ways to enhance your experience and would welcome any feedback that you have. Please get in touch through

Notice to all competitors: The FEI Clean Sport guidelines must be adhered to. You will find all you need to know about the FEI Rules on doping and medication, as well as information about the Equine Prohibited Substances List here