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Attractions Arena

There is much to do on all days in addition to the showcase eventing classes, such as complimentary displays and demonstrations, competitions for grassroots riders, a fun ride and of course a plethora of over 200 shops, food outlets, bars and entertainments, all within the magnificent grounds of Blenheim Palace.

Thursday and Friday will host the RoR Dressage Championships with attractions on the weekend. Scroll down to see more about each display. 

10.00 Blenheim Paws Trials BMX Trick Riding  
11.00 Spookbusting A Bit on the Side
12.00 British Eventing Masterclass British Eventing Masterclass
1.00 BMX Trick Riding Hook Norton Dray Horses
2.00 Blenheim Paws Trials  Gate jumping
3.00 A Bit on the Side BMX Trick Riding
4.00 BMX Trick Riding

A Bit on the Side


Thursday & Friday 2019

RoR dressage championships
The inaugural Retraining of Racehorses dressage championships took place at the Ssangyong Blenheim Palace Horse Trials in 2018. They are set to return in 2019 on both Thursday 19th and Friday 20th September in the Attractions Arena. All RoR competition registered horses are eligible to qualify. 2019 classes will be held at prelim, novice and elementary levels. 
More details can be found here 

A Bit on the Side

Kindly supported by Equestrizone.

Sometimes it’s hard to stay on with a leg on either side of the horse. These exceptionally skilled riders take things to the next level by riding side saddle. A fun, exciting and informative side saddle display managed by Ginny Oakley. See the elegance of side saddle riding and find out the secret to staying on! Then offer your most enthusiastic encouragement and be in awe of side saddle jumping demonstration. This is definitely a demonstration not to be missed!

BMX Trick Riding

Kindly supported by Tech Clothing

Mobile Bike Events will be joining us once again with their breath taking BMX performance on both Saturday and Sunday this year. Make sure you catch one of these amazing performances. The riders attending will be Team GB athlete and Olympic hopeful James Jones, James is one of the best BMX riders in the world and can perform all of the amazing tricks and stunts you would have seen on the internet. Joining James will be British Champion Mountain Biker Tom Cardy who'll be flipping and spinning all weekend long. The show is suitable for all ages and the team encourage the public to come and meet them after their performance, so don't be shy go have a selfie with them or pick up some signed merchandise.  


British Eventing Masterclass

Kindly supported by AW Jenkinsons

The highlight of the schedule every year is the British Eventing Masterclass. With special guest Dickie Waygood and young riders demonstrating the best tips and techniques to bring on a young event horse.  

Blenheim Paws Trials

20 of the country’s best agility dogs and their handlers compete in the prestigious Blenheim Palace dog agility stakes! Who will be crowned the ultimate agility champion?


Spook Busting with Ginny Oakley Pope

Kindly supported by Metro-Rod

This exciting display in the attraction arena will be close to many rider’s hearts, as Ginny demonstrates some methods on how to overcome spooking. Ginny Oakley Pope is an international judge and trainer and taught the Thames Valley Police horses and riders for 20 years.

This experience has aided her greatly in helping riders who have confidence issues and in how to deal with the “spooky” unfocussed horse. Riders and horses will be working with Ginny to show methods of training to help the partnership overcome fears and issues.


Thames Valley Police

Take a look at what goes on behind the scenes in training these brave and bold horses to do their wonderful job. It is also a great opportunity to find out about the fantastic work these horses do in and around the Thames Valley area.


Masters' Gate Jumping Challenge

Kindly supported by Townfields Saddlers Ltd.

We are thrilled to annually attract some of the very best. Among those vying for the top prize have been Heythrop field masters Nick Seal and Mike Jackson, Warwickshire hunt chairman and field master Sam Butler, Berkeley joint-master Helen Hillard - one of the best ladies across country in Britain - and Joss Hanbury, legendary senior master of the Quorn, voted Horse & Hound's "ultimate thruster". There was even a side saddle entrant - the impossibly elegant and extremely brave Lucy Holland from the Bicester with Whaddon Chase.

They might not have the finesse of the eventers, but they are sure to be even more gung-ho. What's an upright gate compared to a socking great hedge with ditch in front, anyway?