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Shopping Village A-Z 2020

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  • Pure wool bedding manufactured in the UK using 100% British wool.  Pillows, duvets, toppers and mattresses.

  • Bareback Footwear's collection of riding, country and town boots for the country and equestrian enthusiast. Alongside Lazy Jacks and Mullins Bay casual clothing for ladies, men and children. 

  • Bloomfields are one of Europe's leading 3.5 tonne horsebox manufacturers. We are the elite name among amateurs and professionals alike, for our exceptional build quality and sensible prices.

  • Boomerang Nutrition Ltd has been importing and distributing copra meal since 1999. Over the years copra meal has increased in popularity and has seen us introduce a high quality, effective range of supplements to offer your horse a natural advantage.

  • We're the UK's first healthy dog food company. We use real meat and fresh ingredients to create delicious doggy delicacies, perfectly portioned, delivered to your door!