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Shopping Village A-Z 2018

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  • Tailored nutrition, made from high quality ingreidents in your dogs fabourite flavours. 

  • At Team Tea it is our mission to make every tea you drink great. 
    We are passionate about selecting only the finest loose leaf teas, ethically sourced and never compromising on taste or quality. 
  • Bakery specialising in traybakes, giant cookies, scones and cupcakes. All products made with local ingredients. 

  • Multi purpose fabric cleaner for removal of horse, pet hair and pilling. 

  • Membership, books, general merchandise including clothing, stationary and other gift items. 

  • Strawberries, marshmallows and waffles coated in warm Belgian chocolate. 

  • Suppliers of quality British made hunting attire and accessories.  A premium brand product which supports many of Irelands top eveners and show jumpers. 

  • The Italian Handbag Company import & sell Italian Leather Handbags direct from Italy and have created the Italian Handbag Company Collection.
    They only sell excellent quality leather handbags from my collection. A preview of these is available by looking at the website. The prices range from £80 to £400

  • The Moose Drink cocktails. 

  • Made to measure orthotics, custom measured orthotics and orthotic friendly footwear.

  • Hand raised pork pies, sausage rolls, scotch eggs, quiches, pasties and some sweet items. 

  • High quality dog accessories. 

  • TopSpec produce an unrivalled range of feed balancers that are ‘Created without Compromise.’ We also produce other innovative horse feeds and supplements that constantly lead the way forward for feeding horses. Experienced nutritionists at VetSpec have launched a new hypoallergenic cereal-grain-free range of super premium, complete dog foods.  Research has enabled them to develop innovative ways of incorporating VetSpec’s veterinary specification supplements into super premium, high-meat, dry dog foods.
  • Hosting for 16 exhibitors including Lucinda Frances, Christie Lloyd and Chukka Belts. 

  • Saddlery, riding wear and horse equipment

  • Safety equipment and cross country colours, body protectors, riding hats, air jackets, Innovative products.

  • Boots for country wear, working on the yard, riding, showing and for competitions.